Take the work out of the workforce management

Aimiable an AI driven Customer Support Operating System designed to manage all critical workforce management tasks

Why Aimiable?

Your new AI-supported workforce manager will focus on recommending agent scheduling improvements, picking up on forecasting trends, and surfacing key operational metrics. 

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AI-guided forecasting.

Let your AI assistant help you pick up on trends, notice outliers, and share best practices. Run as many forecasting exercises as you like, compare the outcomes, and land on the optimal version.

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Easy, agent-centric scheduling.

Surface business requirements and agents' preferences to build the best scheduling scenario that satisfies your agents and meets your customers' needs. Make changes often and quickly.

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Robust Reporting

Powerful at-a-glance reporting or data deep dives for comprehensive analysis. You decide what you need - we deliver it for you. Share with your leadership or with your team in any format whatsoever. Or ask your AI assistant to create a summary report before a meeting.

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We integrate with major ticketing systems, starting with Zendesk. You can also hand any CSV file directly to an AI assistant to get data interpreted on the fly. Or use Slack integration to track notifications and agents states in a modern way.

How it works

Scheduling. Forecasting. Reporting. All done well.

Simple, yet powerful.

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Guided Forecasting

Quick and effective forecasting tool to help you surface relevant insights, pick up on abnormalities and trends, and make real time adjustments on the fly. Your AI assistant will double check your work and point out something you might have missed.

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Scheduling Scenarios

Drag-and-drop scheduler comes with a sandbox to create scheduling scenarios across multiple channels, locations, and work formats. Sort, filer, apply repeatable events, define productive and non-productive events, and land on the best schedule version for you and your team. Got an unexpected PTO request? We will recommend the best way to fill the gap.

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Reports & Automation

See all your metrics on one page or double click and see data for details. Agent profiles, team stats, trends, target vs actual, just about any report you need - we will help you deliver it, looking beautiful. Share in any format whatsoever, with agents or leadership.