About Us

Our mission is to elevate Customer Support teams by freeing them up to focus on visible and valuable tasks.

We'll do all the other tasks, especially the ones less visible and more boring.

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Narrowly Focused
Customer Support

Aimiable helps Customer Support & Service teams by automating operational minutia.

Venture Funded
Bienville Capital

Aimiable is funded by one of the top Venture Capital firms in New York.

Partnerships Oriented
Support Driven

Aimiable has created partnerships with leading industry organizations, including Support Driven.

AI Driven
Workforce Manager

Aimiable is your new AI Workforce Manager that you don't have to hire or manage.

Our Story

What we care about

As a software engineer with over 15 years of experience, I've had the opportunity to develop software for a variety of companies, ranging from industry giants like Spotify, Twitter, and The New York Times to startups like PolicyGenius. Working across diverse sectors, I've discovered that my true passion lies in creating technology that enhances the lives of everyday people.

Kelly Wu, CTO Aimiable

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Our Values

Strong values that bring great people together

We are serious about our values because we want to create something truly great that aligns well with our core beliefs.

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Operational Excellence

We are all about relentless pursuit of improvement and efficiency in all aspects of our operations. As a Customer Support product, it is both our philosophy and management approach. We aim to optimize processes, eliminate waste, and consistently deliver superior results.

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We are serious about embracing new ideas, experiences, perspectives, and possibilities. We are  receptive, flexible, and accepting of diversity and change. This value is really critical for us because we aim to build a really cool new product.

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We feel genuine passion, excitement, and dedication towards our work! We have a positive and proactive attitude with high level of motivation, energy, and commitment to achieving our goals and delivering exceptional results.

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Lightning Speed

We pride ourselves on our remarkable speed of an action, processes, or execution. We really love extraordinary speed and efficiency because it makes us see results quickly and change direction, if necessary.

Our Team Members

The amazing team behind Aimiable

Join Us

Our founding team has over 40 years of combined Customer Support and Technology experience. We've build many teams, stood up whole departments from scratch, tackled Fortune 500 level challenges, and were early hires at a Unicorn or two.

Olga Gomonova

Olga Gomonova

CEO & Co-Founder

Ex-McKinsey | Ex-Microsoft | Ex-Unqork | HBS | Thrives in customer-orienter roles, loves operational simplicity, and aims to disentangle Customer Support teams from scheduling, forecasting, and reporting complexity.

Kelly Wu

Kelly Wu

CTO & Co-Founder

Ex-Twitter | Ex-Spotify | Ex-NYTimes | Ex-PolicyGenius | University of Virginia | Passionate about creating technology that enhances the lives of ordinary people.

Justin Schulz

Justin Schulz

Founding Engineer

Ex-PolicyGenius | Ex-Twitter | Ex-Stride Consulting | Full-stack software engineer with a focus on back-end development and devops. Also a huge music nerd.

Kirsten Nordine

Kirsten Nordine

Founding Engineer

Ex-Stride Consulting | Ex-General Assembly Expert In Residence | A software generalist who values best practices for writing clean, maintainable code, and shipping products that are truly useful to people.

Our Offices

We are a fully remote team and we are open to meeting you anywhere in the world! But if you'd like to come visit us, we are mostly lurking in these three areas.