We’re on a mission to release customer support from a needless grind.

We free up the boring tasks, so you can focus on the valuable ones.

Our story

Olga and Kelly, our two founders, bonded over their shared passion for transforming customer support. Olga, with experience at McKinsey, Microsoft and Unqork, loves making everything simple, including freeing support teams from too many complex tasks. Kelly, who worked at Twitter and Spotify, is all about creating useful tech that helps people do their best every single day. They met at a tech event and realized they both had a lot of ideas on improving customer support. Combining their skills and vision, they set out to build a startup to make life easier for support agents and improve the overall experience.

Our product values reflect the experience you'll have using Aimiable.

We are serious about our values because we want to create something truly great that aligns well with our core beliefs.


Despite its cutting-edge features and capabilities, our interface ensures that anyone can navigate Aimiable without extensive training or technical knowledge. Whether you're a tech novice or a seasoned professional, our product provides the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, empowering you to achieve more with less effort.


Aimiable is designed to be a joy to use, combining functionality with a delightful user experience. Every aspect of its design, from interface to the navigation, is crafted to ensure ease and enjoyment. Smart features anticipate your needs, streamlining tasks and reducing effort.


Aimiable is a deeply technical AI product. Yet, it streamlines complex processes into straightforward steps, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. This simplicity does not compromise its advanced functionality, as the product leverages powerful algorithms and smart automation to deliver top-tier performance.


Our AI product is built with trustworthiness at its core, ensuring reliability, transparency, and security in every aspect of its operation. We prioritize data privacy and security, employing robust encryption and compliance with the latest industry standards to protect your information. Transparent processes and clear, interpretable outputs make it easy for you to understand and trust the decisions made by our AI.

The amazing team behind Aimiable

Our founding team has over 60+ years of combined Customer Support and Technology experience. We've build many teams, stood up whole departments from scratch, tackled Fortune 500 level challenges, and were early hires at a Unicorn or two.

Olga Gomonova
CEO & Co-Founder

Thrives in customer-orienter roles, loves operational simplicity, and aims to disentangle Customer Support teams from scheduling, forecasting, and reporting complexity. Previously: McKinsey | Microsoft | Unqork | HBS

Kelly Wu
CTO & Co-Founder

Passionate about creating technology that enhances the lives of ordinary people. Previously: Twitter | Spotify | Stride | University of Virginia

Justin Schulz
Founding Engineer

Full-stack software engineer with a focus on back-end development and devops. Also a huge music nerd. Previously: PolicyGenius | Twitter | Stride

Kirsten Nordine
Founding Engineer

A software generalist who values best practices for writing clean, maintainable code, and shipping products that are truly useful to people. Previously: Stride | General Assembly Expert In Residence

Luiza Laus
Founding Product Designer

End-to-end product designer who loves crafting amazing user experiences, pixel by perfect pixel. Previously: Atomsix | Evolphin Software | Designer Fund Collective

Yamac Isik
Founding Data Scientist, AI Researcher

Data Scientist with a background in deep learning, sequential, time-series models and interpretability. Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Economics. Previously: AI Research Fellow | Duke University

Syphax Ait Oubelli
Data Scientist

Focused on solving complex data and optimization problems in an efficient, understandable and maintainable way, by leveraging the right technical and mathematical tools.

Our happy customers

"Busy season was 3 months of hell for my team, Aimiable is doing amazing things for me"
Head of CS at Forma
"My former way to do scheduling made me think fondly of root canals, so glad that's over"
Dr SC ECampus
"My team uses Slack to track agent activity and everyone loves it"
Dr CS Knack

News & Resources

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The Rising Importance of Hybrid Human and AI Customer Support Teams

Customer support is now a mix of human expertise and AI capabilities, crucial for meeting customers' evolving needs. Hybrid teams, blending human agents and AI-powered solutions, are becoming essential.

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Aimiable is partnering with Support Driven

Aimiable is partnering with Support Driven, the community dedicated to Customer Support as a career. Support Driven is an online community of more than 9000 members who care deeply about support.

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Aimiable launched a Podcast - Support Ops Stories

Aimiable launched a Podcast dedicated to leaders of Customer Support operations. Called "Support Ops Stories", the podcast will mostly focus on real life stories of CS leaders and the human element of the career in support.